Our Team

Our Team

We can’t wait for you to be our guest! Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters have the most dedicated, talented and hard working team in the business. We all come from different backgrounds and bring myriad skills to the table, and we are all genuinely passionate about helping our guests make memories for a lifetime. It’s no surprise either that we are all drawn to the water. You’ll feel right at home when you work with us!

Get to know more about our team by clicking the profiles below. Start planning your event by calling (586) 778-7030 or contacting us online.

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Team Leaders (We’re committed to making sure the entire operation runs flawlessly.)

Charter Specialists (Successful events are planned with remarkable detail, that’s what we do best.)

Operations & Cruise Directors (We handle event-day details with exceptional care.)

Administrative & Communications


Management (We’re committed to making sure the entire operation runs flawlessly.)

Steve Rybicki

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Steve is our VP and General Manager. An experienced hospitality industry professional that has held every position on the yachts, from dishwasher to cruise director, Steve took the helm of the yacht charter operation when he was 24. He spends his time steering our strategy in the marketplace, making sure the Infinity and Ovation experience is exceptional. He’s a huge fan of people who share his passion for the hospitality industry.

Take on life
Life is short – work hard, play harder.
Known for
Being “The Boat Guy.”
Best vacation destination ever
Food and Italian wine.

Jackie Carden,

Vice President of Operations

As Director of Cruise and Event Operations, Jackie makes sure all of our operational activities and events happen to our exacting standards, like our clients expect. She works with the culinary team to cook up impeccable menus, trains the staff, selects the décor – in other words, nothing goes on board until Jackie is satisfied it’s perfect.

I’m always looking for a challenge – what’s new, what’s next. Working at Infinity and Ovation gives me the opportunity to make every cruise more special, distinctive and memorable.
On the weekend
I love to go camping; I enjoy entertaining family and friends.
Random fact about me
My husband and I met on a cruise. We’ve been together for almost 25 years. Being around the water has brought me the best things in my life!
Take on life
The perfectionist in me won’t let me “settle”. I’m constantly asking if everything is the best it can be.

Alison Patt

Vice President of Sales

As Director of Sales, Alison leads the team that promotes Detroit’s most sought-after waterfront event venue. She brings a wealth of experience on board including working on staff at Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine and directing upscale events at resorts on the West Coast.

What an honor to be involved in my clients’ most important life moments! Nothing beats the hug from a bride when her dream wedding comes to life, or the letter of gratitude from a corporate planner whose holiday party is still getting rave reviews.
Best vacation destination ever
I’m a travel junkie, so I’m usually creating the itinerary for my next dream vacation. Sounds cliché but Paris was the best, it’s a food and wine lover’s dream.
On the weekend
Bike riding; DIY projects – Pinterest has made me think no project from beadboard installation to retiling a fireplace is too big for me.

Charter Specialists (Successful events are planned with remarkable detail, that’s what we do best.)

Alison Horrocks,

Charter Specialist

Alison brings to the table more than 15 years of experience in sales, catering and event coordination and is most at home making sure her client’s events are fabulous and meet their requirements.

Why did you come to work here?
I was attracted to Infinity and Ovation because I knew how seriously they take their service. The company is known for being truly dedicated to making sure clients have the best experience at their event.
Best vacation destination ever
Honeymooning in Napa Valley. My husband and I enjoyed wonderful food and drink and relaxed all week long.
I enjoy volleyball, swimming, watching my son play baseball and taking family bike rides.
Take on life
Be yourself. Make the most of life and have fun! Don’t worry what other people think, do what and say what you want, and, of course, remember to be courteous and respectful. Right, Mom?

Laura Stewart,

Charter Specialist

Laura got an early start in the hospitality industry working at golf and country clubs, setting up banquets, as a summer job and it’s turned into her career. Building relationships and helping guests create a dream event is what she’s known for and what she does best.

Best vacation destination ever
Maui is the best place on earth to chill out and relax.
Known for
It’s a toss-up between my fun-loving personality and my obsession with animals, namely Roscoe, my 21-pound rescue cat.
I love to play tennis and golf.
At play
I head north to ride the trails on four-wheelers; I also snowboard in the winter and go boating in the summer.

Moe Moua,

Corporate Event Specialist

What started as a part time catering assistant job nearly a decade ago has turned into an inspiring and rewarding career as a corporate event specialist for Moe. She focuses on offering unique event solutions that keep her guests talking for years to come.

I’m very passionate about food and cooking, or as my husband says I’m a food snob! I’m always seeking out new restaurants, no matter how small. And I come from a huge family of wonderful cooks so as long as I’ve been able to hold a ladle I’ve been cooking. I’m a true believer that food should tell a story and I’ve got a lot to say.
Known for
For being a super mom that can balance four kids, my husband and my career; I’m a true believer you can have it all and your success at home, work or play depends on your desire and effort to make it work.
Take on life
As Rumi says: Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame.

Jennifer Rickaby,

Charter Specialist

With her love of remarkable food and background in fine dining and international hotel catering and events, Jennifer is poised to help new couples turn their wedding vision into reality aboard Infinity and Ovation. For this native Rhode Islander, being near the water makes her feel most at home.

Best vacation destination ever
Does living overseas in Australia for 4 years count as an extended holiday? I was lucky enough to travel all over this beautiful continent, known for its innovative cuisine, and experience swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and hopping with kangaroos!
I enjoy keeping fit and active with 5K fun runs, competitive tennis matches, or long walks along the beach with my family.
Take on life
As Rumi says: Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame.Live life to its fullest, laugh as loud and as much as you can, love the people that mean the most to you.

Operations/Cruise Directors (We handle event-day details with exceptional care.)

Brittney Smith,

Senior Cruise Director

Brittney is focused on delighting her guests with outstanding customer service and loves turning all her events into something special.

What inspired you to come here?
I found a place to work that combines my passion for coordinating special events with my love for being on or near the water. I’ve been in the hospitality and dining industry for 20 years since graduating from Michigan State University.
In my free time
I love to cook and spend lots of time trying new recipes, or creating my own. I also love to work out and run 5ks.
Favorite vacation spot
Anywhere tropical, soaking up sun and relaxing, by the water, of course!
Outlook on life
I like to keep it positive. I focus on spending lots of time with my boyfriend, family and friends.

Edward Hamilton,

Chef de Cuisine

Edward’s passion for being a chef lies with the ability to exercise his creativity and imagination in making every event memorable and delicious.

Why did you come to work at Continental?
I came because working here allows me to utilize my professional skill in a high-end environment and to grow with the company. The personal interaction with other team members, knowledge sharing and teaching and enjoyable work environment gives me personal and professional satisfaction. And it creates a superb guest experience.
For fun…
I love playing Xbox360 with my grandson and eating Snickers floats and cookies.
Take on life…
I take one day at time with minimal worries. I work each day to achieve my goals and believe that doing right by others will always bring peace of mind knowing that what you put out comes back. I believe whole-heartedly in Positive Energy!

Support Staff (Our main mission is putting finishing touches on every event.)

Cassandra Gray,

Office Administrator

Cassandra is Executive Assistant to the VP and General Manager at Infinity and Ovation where she puts her organizational skills to work on a daily basis, handling accounting and more.

Why did you come to work here?
Working at Infinity-Ovation Yacht Charters combines my three favorite things: water, food and meeting new people. Working for a company that prides itself on the highest customer service standard and produces five-star cuisine is the perfect fit for me. Five years later I love it as much as I did at the start.
On the weekend I love
Spending time family and friends.
Fan of
Farmer’s markets, campfires and Detroit Tiger Baseball.
Hidden talent

Karen Servatius,

Charter Coordinator

Karen’s natural attention to detail makes her the perfect person to oversee the logistics of private events as well as Infinity and Ovation’s Summer Cruise Series.

My grandmother inspired me to travel and see the world; I’ve been lucky to work as a travel agent and an event manager, planning and implementing events around the globe. All that experience translates well to my current role. And there’s nothing better than the pay-off from all my hard work and planning, seeing happy customers and their guests.
Best vacation destination
Maui, Hawaii and Dublin, Ireland; I love to meet new people and experience new cultures.
At play
I enjoy outdoor activities: Boating, jet skiing, camping, getting away at the cottage, and spending time with lifelong friends.
Take on life
Always be positive, life is short, enjoy every minute, and strive to make someone smile each day.

Jeannie Michels,

Sales Coordinator

Jeannie is our all-around assistant at Infinity and Ovation, offering valuable support to the entire team and helping keep our office firmly on track.

How long have you been in this industry?
I have been with the company for 5 years, starting as a member of the wait staff on the yachts.
On the weekend I love
Spending time with friends and family and going to Eastern Market.
Proud owner of…
The best golden retriever ever!
Fan of
Classic rock music.
I love to kayak and practice yoga.

Bethany Dinovski,

Senior Marketing Manager

Bethany has had a hand in every marketing initiative for our yachts including rebranding our websites, recreating our print and digital marketing materials, and developing our social media presence.

How long have you been in this industry?
I’ve worked in events marketing for more than 7 years, always on the creative side of the house.
Best vacation destination ever
Hands-down, a study-abroad experience in Japan during college: Japan is such an amazing country with beautiful scenery and genuine people. I can’t wait to return someday.
Known for
Ask anyone – it’s my positive attitude! I always have a smile on my face.
I am very passionate about community and supporting nonprofit organizations. I have been actively raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association since 2009 in memory of my grandmother.


Captain Kevin Haisenleder

Captain Kevin started in the commercial maritime industry in 2002. He is honored to play a key role creating a special day on the water for each guest. According to Kevin, no other company offers such a positive and team-oriented crew, and provides a better experience for its guests.

At play
I enjoy my personal boat in the summer and pass time in the winter by skiing and taking an occasional vacation to a warmer climate.
Best vacation destination ever
Aruba offers one of the best beach and dive sites I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.
What are you a fan of?
Mostly baseball and hockey: Go Tigers, Go Wings!

Captain Gary Isherwood

Gary’s love of boats started as a child when he dreamed of one day being a captain. His passion is being on or near the water, whether he’s wiggling his toes in the sand or standing on a boat deck. As he says, growing up in Rhode Island water is everywhere, and you learn to love it.

Why did you come to work here?
There was no better way to get experience in the boating industry; I started out as a part of the deck crew then worked my way up to first mate and eventually captain.
At play
I love to play with my grandchildren, and go fishing and boating.
Proud owner of
Three beautiful dogs, two golden retrievers and a yellow lab.
What are you a fan of?
Red Wing hockey.
Take on life
Enjoy every day, you never know what tomorrow will bring. If you’re passionate about something DO IT. Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Captain Bryan Nelson

Like most other captains, Bryan was drawn to the water at a young age. Working summers on private yachts in Northern Michigan when he was 16, Bryan quickly learned he could integrate boating into a profession so he could work doing what he loves most. And that’s why he’s been working as captain for 30 years now, the last 25 of which have been with Infinity and Ovation and its predecessor.

Fondest memories
Doing what I love: Running yachts up and down the Eastern seaboard and throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas.
For fun
I enjoy any activity that includes my family, friends, and water.
Known as
My friends call me “The Captain or Boat Jockey” because I have been running boats since I was 10!

Captain Robert “Spike” Neesley

Captain Spike got in this business some time ago when pondering the age-old question “what do you really want to be?” Having spent most of his life in and around boats, captain quickly bubbled to the surface, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What inspires me to do what I do?
In my 22-year career at Infinity and Ovation, I am continuously awed by the company’s commitment to high quality care and maintenance of the yachts, the finest cuisine, over-the-top service and attention to passengers for their comfort and safety. Of course, an entire outing, from start to finish, is one of the best four-hour boat rides you can experience anywhere in the country. I’m proud to count myself among the crew of such a fine establishment.
Best vacation destination ever
The best vacation I have ever taken was a trip on a 37-foot Portofino boat. We traveled from Vancouver, Canada to Juneau, Alaska via the inside fiords. Fish, whales, glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs, and fresh-caught crab, every day! It was simply unbelievable!
Take on life
Today is the “good old days.” Semper fi, carry on!

Captain John O’Loughlin

Working in the commercial maritime industry is second nature for Captain John; he started boating when he turned 13. John has been handling larger craft professionally since 1990. Before taking the helm at Infinity and Ovation, he worked aboard a variety of vessels from the Starline Mackinac Island Ferry to the Diamond Jack River Tours.

At play
I love boating, hunting and exploring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Proud owner of
A 1956 Chris Craft Sea-Skiff…I’ve had it since I was 13!
Take on life
Each day is a gift, live it to the fullest.
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