We’ve blogged about weddings we’ve hosted here at IOYC. You’ve heard it straight from the brides, and sometimes even their mother-in-laws! This week? We’re going to show you how a wedding is pulled together from the inside out…

Cassandra Wilson, our executive assistant here at IOYC, knew immediately that she wanted to get married here on the water.

She met her husband Jason at a Euchre tournament. “I went with friends on a whim and Jason accepted a random invitation by his uncle too,” she explains. “It was our first time playing in an actual tournament and we bonded over our lack of knowledge of the tournament rules and higher understanding of the game.  We both individually tried to find the other at the end of the evening but our timing was off and we missed each other.” Luckily, three weeks later they both went back, hoping the other would be there. “It worked!” she smiled. “We wasted no time in connecting again and had our first official date after the event.”

His proposal came the Monday after Thanksgiving almost a year ago. Cassandra and Jason had the day off work, so they decided to go hang out downtown and check out the Dequindre Cut, a new greenway connecting Eastern Market and the Riverwalk overlooking the water with their dog Mac.

“The walls are filled with really cool art and graffiti and we came across one that had the word GRAY written on it. That is Jason’s last name so I took a picture of him and Mac next to it” Cassandra says. “Mac posed so well that I ran up to give him a hug and that’s when Jason got on one knee and said ‘Mac and I want to know if you’ll be a Gray with us.’ We later took our engagement pictures there too.”

As for the planning process, Cassandra says it was surreal. “I thought I knew what I was in for in terms of planning a wedding but I quickly realized that planning your wedding is a full time job,” she laughs.

“I don’t know how any bride does it that doesn’t have our built-in wedding packages,” she notes. “I’m not just saying that to promote the yachts either… but if I had to meet with several florists, photographers, bakeries, and dj’s and decide who was the best in terms of service, pricing, personality, I would have lost my mind!” It turned out that having preferred vendors already lined up at IOYC saved her a lot of time and money… and she was already confident in the care and quality of service they provide.

“I used the same vendors all our brides have the pleasure of using. I 100% feel they are the best in the business,” she insists… and adds “why mess with a good thing?”

Cassandra’s own wedding planning really let her see what other brides go through in planning theirs. “I’m sure I’m not alone in having an idea of what I have wanted my wedding to be like for years, well before I met Jason or even thought about marriage and certainly well before I started working for the yachts. And boy did I have some ideas!” She reminisces. “The friends (they are no longer just my co-workers) I work with were unbelievable. Their ideas, knowledge, and expertise were such a help and comfort to me. If I was stumped or upset, they knew exactly how to make my plan/dream come to life and then it was beautifully executed the day of my wedding. It brought us all closer and made me truly understand how lucky any bride is to have one of them help them plan their wedding.”

“There is so much more involved than just the ceremony and reception and what we do here at the yachts. Those are just the grand finale,” she says. And she’s right! But when faced with all these decisions, especially decisions about one of the most important days of your life… it’s best to get by with a little help from your friends. “All of them played a huge part in making the day come to life. Whether it was tying my sashes for the reception, booking my favorite entertainer, helping me put together my invitations, proof reading my program, I could go on and on. I did nothing alone. They were there with me every step of the way…”

“I’m a lucky girl,” she concludes.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting married on the Ovation or Infinity, you can send inquiries or fill out a proposal. For more stories from our brides, check out our bridal blog.