Our Story:

Rodney and I met during 4th and 5th grade. Throughout 5th grade, word got around that we both had a crush on one another, after flirting back and forth we decided we should be “boyfriend and girlfriend.” At that age, being boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t really mean much. Unfortunately, after 5th grade ended, Rodney’s parents moved him to a different school which ultimately meant we lost contact.

It was the summer after graduation in 2009 when I noticed we were both going to be attending Wayne State University. He recalls the story like this: “I had been walking through the student center when I caught a glimpse of her. I immediately felt butterflies as the moment I had been waiting on for so long finally was before me. I felt the anxiety of the moment weighing down on me like there was suddenly a cinder-block in my book bag. I was beginning to hesitate when it just so happen that she knew the girl I was sitting with. Suddenly I built up the courage to ask if she remembered me. She looked at me for a moment then to my amazement she said my name with such excitement and we embraced each other.” December 14th 2013 we were both graduating from college and couldn’t wait to walk across the stage that night. Before the ceremony started Rodney disappeared saying he needed to use the restroom. Still oblivious to what was going on, the next thing I knew I was being called on stage. A video began to play and I slowly began to realize what was happening. The entire moment was captured and has been placed on YouTube and the Detroit Free Press. Here is the YouTube link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1CK2uh1Opo

Looking Forward:

For our wedding we are most excited about sharing this special moment with our family and friends. Second on our list would be our ceremony/reception venue, and the food. Overall, we can’t wait to spend that entire day in a “Royal Romantic Bliss.” We are having many family members join us from all over the world and we’re beyond excited to see them and dance the night away on the Infinity.



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carden_jackiePart 2 from our initial post from March 7. Let’s continue on with some favorite things in our office:


Nicole’s Favorite Thing is NEATO XV SIGNATURE PRO ROBOTIC VACUUMneato-XV-signature-pro

Program your vacuum routine and let it go!  The Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum is the perfect system that automatically vacuums all floor types from room to room and is capable of recharging itself and resuming to where it left off.  This amazing vacuum features the strongest suction available in a robotic vacuum and filters more than three times the amount of allergens and dust particles of its competitors.  Save yourself time and simplify your life - I did!


My CoverGirl Tru Blend Mineral Bronzer is a safe alternative to tanning.  Cover Girl has been known for having products suited for those with sensitive skin.  With so many bronzers out there, it’s nice to have an affordable option that is also good for the skin.  Available in two shades, the minerals in this lightweight powder blend beautifully to create a natural looking glow.  It is great “on the go” and I don’t go anywhere without it.


The Teavana Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot is my favorite way to make tea. This cast iron pot is the best way to extract the flavors and benefits of the tea and to keep the tea hot for about an hour.  Tea is a great stress reliever and is known for its health benefits.  Did you know that tea also helps you look younger and maintain a healthy weight?  I recommend loose leaf tea.  It tends to be of higher quality with better flavor and provides an overall cost savings.   A pot of tea is a great and healthy way to start the day or to unwind afterwards.


A tropical blended moisturizer with the essence of rich coconut and succulent mango. The Coco-Mango lotion will rejuvenate, detoxify, and nourish your skin while wrapping you in the scent of the Hawaiian Islands.  Made exclusively for the Kohala Spa at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel on the island of Hawaii, the Coco-Mango Moisturizer is my favorite because with one application, the smell and silky texture, makes me feel like I’m on vacation!

My (Jackie C.’s) Favorite Thing is BOBBI BROWN BB CREAM SPF 35BB_Cream

Love, love, love this product.  I have tried BB creams before and hadn’t really understood what all the excitement was about….until I tried this one.  I heard BB Creams were supposed to be good for your skin but with those I tried, the coverage was too sheer and the tints didn’t match my skin tone very well. This was not the case with the BB Cream from Bobbi Brown.  Not only was the coverage more of a “medium coverage” (which I liked), but the shade was a perfect match.  Plus…Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream SPF 35 is good for all skin types from dry to oily and it’s a  moisturizer, skin brightener, wrinkle reducer, UVA/UVB Sunscreen, and foundation all-in-one!

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bethanyA day to go easy and be light-hearted; pranks on “April Fool’s” are celebrated throughout the western world. Some say April 1st is a celebration of the turn of the seasons and others know it to have been celebrated as New Years Day in ancient cultures.

Eitherway, this day has become one of fun and laughter. Be sure to join in the fun and try not to take yourself, or anyone else TOO seriously this April 1st. Try a few of these pranks to lighten the mood around the house, the office, or both!

- Change someone’s computer Google language

- Flip a co-workers screen by simply holding down “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Down Arrow” (Do the same with the up arrow to revert back once they’re mad enough)

- Glue a quarter to the floor near a vending machineMouse

- Saran wrap the toilet

- Tape the bottom of someone’s computer mouse

- Unscrew the top of the pepper

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