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The beginning of two lives as they come together as one started in July of 2008. The two were brought together by a friend who saw that they might be right for each other and we thank her.  In the beginning the two talked and talked on the phone about their lives, interest, work, future plans until it came to the point that they needed to meet to determine what was next in this relationship.  Dwight was nervous and wondered what would happen once he finally met Staci.  Staci wondered if it would be a waste of time, would they be able to connect in person as they had on the phone; all kinds of thought were going through both of their minds.  The two planned a first date during a warm summer day (Tuesday) at Ruby Tuesday restaurant.  They went to dinner and spend a quiet and semi-romantic evening  together like two high school students  while each one was trying to size up the other.  The night ended like it started, the two talking like they had known each other forever.  Dwight was refreshed by her beauty and straight forward way of looking at life.  Staci, pleased that the night went off without issues, couldn’t wait until the next date.  However, the advancement of the relationship slowed for five months due to illness and male pride on the part of Dwight.  However, once Dwight was back on his feet again, the image of Staci came back to his mind like a good old Motown Record that he cannot forget.  Staci and Dwight were able to connect back together and officially became a couple on January 9, 2009. Since that time, they have been best friends dealing with life ups and downs and coming together stronger in their love.  An important part of their relationship is Tuesday as their date night, an event that continues to take place to this very day and the beginning on January the 9th.  In planning the wedding the date and day that has been so important in our relationship was the only logical choice 06-09-2015 to marry and become friends and soul mates for life.



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RDeCewIn this day and age, most of our jobs don’t end when we leave the office. There is plenty of work to be done and we now have the technology to allow us to continue working even when out of the office. While we can be extremely productive this way, it makes it more difficult to achieve work-life balance. The consulting firm Accenture completed a study in 2013 that found “work-life balance contributed more to happiness and job satisfaction than factors such as money or titles.”

Livestrong recently had an article “15 Secrets to Better Work-Life Balance” that nails it when it comes to doing things that will provide you with the work-life balance you desire. Here are the top four secrets I’ve put to use and found most beneficial:

  1. Spread out weekend chores- Instead of pushing everything to Saturday and Sunday
    Stay tuned this fall to hear more from me about meditation!

    Stay tuned this fall to hear more from me about meditation!

    when I think I’ll have the time, I’ve started to do something each day of the week. It doesn’t take much time, and it helps when the weekend rolls around—I relax rather than dread all the chores I have lined up!

  2. Schedule downtime- I’m a fan of “To Do” lists so I’ve now added downtime for myself. It might only be 15 minutes, but it makes the world of difference with my stress level.
  3. Just say no- Since you can’t always control your workload, I’ve started to cut back on personal obligations. Instead of running out to meet a friend for coffee or volunteering an extra evening, I take my scheduled downtime for myself.
  4. Meditate- There are plenty of studies showing the benefits of meditation and you’ll never know how beneficial it is until you give it a try.

For more secrets to a better work-life balance, check out the Livestrong article that helped me manage my own work-life balance at http://www.livestrong.com/slideshow/1011127-15-secrets-better-worklife-balance/.

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IOYC_Staff2013_alisonIn the past, when I would think of a “flower”girl, I would picture my favorite little one walking down the aisle with a basket of rose petals, perfectly tossing petal after petal all the way down the aisle.  Today, there are so many fun, fresh ideas that can take having a flower girl to a whole different level.  Check out some of the ideas below and see what your flower girl thinks would be the most fun.

BalloonGirl1. Balloons.  Not just your typical balloon – but large, colorful balloons like the one pictured here.  It’s a great option for outdoor ceremonies.

2. Bubbles.  This could be a bit daring – think of it spilling down the front of their dresses.  But, it can be quite cute if you want to chance it!

3. Pinwheels. You can find pinwheels of every size and color online or they look pretty easy to DIY!

BallGirl4. Pomander Balls and Garlands.  Still have the flowers, but in a fun, new and gorgeous way!

5. Signs and Parasols.  You can add sweet, cute or funny notes in all different shapes and sizes. BannerGirls

6. Sun Umbrellas. A classic and elegant touch for your outdoor wedding.

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